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The idea of this game is already known - to search for pairs on an area of the closed cards. Develops memory and reaction at children and adults. Game has account of time, the list of records, skins, on/off sound, English/Russian interface. Difference from analogues is an opportunity to the user to change a set of pictures for pairs. User can create and use own picture set.
Why name of game is MemoFace? Because the first picture set for game was a collection of photos my native. Then I have made sets of pictures of my gallery, images of three-dimensional figures... Very interest set for studying foreign language has turned out: 12 pictures and 12 adequate words.
User can invent different scripts of game:
  1. Ordinary memory training "Picture1 - Picture1".
  2. Foreign language study "Picture1 - Word1".
  3. Homonym study "Picture1 - Picture2"...
  • Download MemoFace 2.0 with 4 pictures sets. 550 KB
  • Screenshot-1, Screenshot-2, Screenshot-3, Screenshot-4:
  • Memory training game MemoFace! Screen shot.

    - Author: Anatoly Oparin
    - Operation system: от Win 95 (with some DLL) до Win XP (without added DLL)
    - What age of gamer: any (it is necessary to be able to move a mouse and to press the button)
    I suggest users to send me your own sets of pictures (pictures for studying foreign languages especially interest). I am going to organize the catalogue of such sets for a free exchange.
    If you will buy the program your money will go on the maintenance of children's Gallery, which is supported on public principles now.

    Free picture sets
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