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Открыть/Закрыть RAIN in children art  Открыть/Закрыть Children paint SUMMER 
Dear children, and also mums, daddies, grandmothers and grandfathers! The virtual gallery of children's figure "Children on the Internet" will allow you to plunge into the magic world of children's creativity. There are more than 1800 little masterpieces in the gallery. Send us graphic and picturesque works of children from 4 till 14 years.
New in gallery:
Master classes for children in form of video-lessons - how to make beautiful and useful things from improvised materials: paper, cardboard, salty dough, plastic, leather, felt, cans...
The collection of the cartoons, which are made by hands of children...
Comics of genius Danish artist Herluf Bidstrup. Series "About children". Sit back, have to laugh a lot...
Monsters - small and innocuous with the pictures of the children turn into a powerful, cheeky, but something nice, beasts in the paintings of the adults. How it happens - look here ...
MultiTable 1.0
Training simulator for younger schoolboys for studying the multiplication table and a foreign language.
DyCycle 1.0
A simple screensaver for relaxation with display of time and dynamic circles.
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