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Oparin Clock

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On responses software directory 3D2F it
"the most perspective screensaver among competitors".
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You can download an original screensaver from this page. An absolutely new idea of time's display on clock's dial is put in a basis of work of the program. This idea is officially patented on my name in Russia as useful model "The Device of indication of time on a dial of clock" RU43088.
In the program following adjustments are realized:
  • Time:
    • current
    • since of start
  • Size of circles:
    • equal
    • different
  • Picture in the center:
    • preestablished
    • user's
    • slide-show
  • Background:
    • black
    • user's picture
  • Other settings:
    • colors of arrows and circles, numerals's font, dial without arrows
In case of a slide-show it is possible to appoint a folder with GIF files and the period of change of pictures from 1 till 999 seconds. Slide-show works only with GIF format. The user (if single) picture can be GIF, JPG, or BMP. Other requirements for pictures: 49x49 pixels, a black background. The program is shareware (try before buy). You have a trial version - 21 days work is correct. After it there will be restrictions: at start preventions of necessity of registration will be deduced, no slide-show.
  • Download Oparin Clock 2.1trial with slide-show pictures set (322 KB)
  • See video about screensaver work.
  • Screenshots: clock | clock with background | clock without arrows | options:
  • Oparin Clock screen shot
    Pictures for screensaver
    Background downloads (1024x768px)

  • Winter forest (from gallery)
  • Plane
  • Sundown
  • Violin (from gallery)
  • Cords (from gallery)
  • Undersea (from gallery)
  • Iceberg (from gallery)
  • Abstraction
  • Athens Acropolis (from gallery)
  • Night town (from gallery)
  • Pilots brothers
  • Berdichev

    Background downloads (1280x1024px)

  • Plane
  • Sundown2
  • Sundown3
  • Poppy
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