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Second Arth

the second life of cloth
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After service to owner, the clothes die and turn to a cloth. There are people which disagree with it. In spite of the fact that Julia Grigor'evna Shishina draws a water color perfectly, her is pulling to new expression of in creativity. She makes collages of slices of the material which has served.
When and what have you started from to be engaged in art of collages from slices of cloths, which I would name Second Art?
All began when it was five years to me. My playmate Yana had shown me how to draw the person and face. Since I also draw during all life. I love art very much. I had to interrupt for long years because of my trade of psychotherapist. But thirty years back I have renewed these occupations by painting in different kinds. As conditions of our life are difficult, and not all and not always presume occupations of the artist, and the soul demands, I began to search for equivalent ways to express that I see and to express a beauty. I was working with colors as with a material, was teaching to people floristics. I had need not only in colour, but also in light, a reflecting surface always.

What pictures you have more: own independent imaginations and views or copies of pictures of known artists?
Copies are more. Know, I very much like Russian icons. I have idea to restore all Divine Mothers. It is closely connected to those things in which we are engaged with my husband Andrey Nikolaevich Zelinsky (the son of academician N.D.Zelinsky, the inventor of a gas mask). Noosphere modelling or space of cultures. For example, what your performance about Ancient Egypt? Sphynxes, pyramids... And what people felt in those times, what belief had they? The person is the sum of experiences. No more. As a computer. That you will put there - that will be. But there is "collective Me" which is characterized by any common features, by pattern. I.e. ethnoses differ. And how to formalize it? My husband also is engaged in formalization, the description of cultures through models. And I always would like to get acquainted with culture directly to shake hands with it, to feel aroma. It is necessary to take a work of art for this purpose and it comes to life (probably when other person copies it in another way - a comment А.О.). As though you overcome 2000. This phenomenal entry in the past. Therefore I make an icon, the Indian symbolics, the Chinese painting, Russian artists Korovin, Al'tman, Benua of slices of a matter.

Could you tell a history of creation academician Glushko portrait, one of the most outstanding founders of the Soviet space engineering.
In due time I was engaged in scientific journalism. I was the bridge between an idea of the scientist and brains of simple citizens. I made "goods" shared. I had to work with such large scientists, as Chizhevsky. When he has died it was necessary to me to finish for his works. I had on this right under the contract. Glushko was the Tsiolkovsky's pupil, but I have not found him at life. His widow has shown me Glushko's correspondence with Tsiolkovsky, where I have seen at Glushko afflicted with rockets and other worlds. The person has seemed to me improbable and, not having an opportunity to see him, I have decided to make his portrait. I have asked image of Glushko for director NPO "Energy" and worked with it. After that I have written article "The Epoch which has stayed on the Moon". Time destroys everything, except for names. But frequently and names do not remain. And the Moon keeps. And Glushko it was kept on the Moon. He had gaven a crater (it is necessary to understand, that a Moon crater have given a name of academician Glushko - a comment А.О.) in a prestigious place. The matter is that the Moon has visible and invisible sides. And Glushko has received a place on the visible side among Jules Verne, Zelinsky, Chizhevsky.

How do you collect a material for the works?
I collect material interestingly. People which go with me - are to go ashamed with me: "What for you bend down? Will think, that you select as a beggar." But at a lot of people kept reflexes: searching, hunting, wanderings. The desire to see something new was kept. The city can not give us all. I see the thrown out fabrics frequently. They are very beautiful and remind me various layers of life. They reflect epoch. We had completely remarkable chintz factories. Chintz was tradition of Russia. Even Englishmen have bought the patent on chintz at us. But in the world chintz do not carry almost already, it remained a little ant it causes a lot of associations. Look, The Trinity sits (shows on one of the pictures - a comment А.О.), it is chintz mountain on the second plan. It something such as the twenty fifth frame. You are heated with the past, communication with your mum, who went in a similar dress.

How to receive a pleasure from life? Creative process is necessary. Many people have daltonian consciousness. They don't see beauty of the world, draw gloomy pictures. The colour sensation not on sight, and on life is broken at people. Bulbs shine differently in depending on the voltage. And your consciousness should be in a pressure (voltage) for shining, it needs to be brought up - music, painting, travel, animal...
Cases are known, when people lived, worked were remarkable northing, and then became known artists. The old woman retires and in 86 years starts to paint, and in 90 becomes well-known for the whole world.

On this optimistic note I thank you for interview.

Anatoly Oparin has written down 23.08.1999
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If someone wishes to be trained in art of a collage - call (495) 131-2390, or write:
103009, Moscow, Nikitsky per. 2, the Museum of academician Zelinsky, Shishina J.G.
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